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...hope for their future through loving care, food, clean water, shelter, clothing, and physical / spiritual / vocational training.

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Interested in visiting the Children's Village?  A process is required and we'd love to help you!  Click here to email our Okipe liaison on the island and learn more.

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Okipe Greeting Cards - for sale!

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Want to come to Haiti?

Happy New Year!! 

We already have a full summer planned with lots of fun teams, but if you are interested in leading a team this year to help out at the Jesus Home for Children of La Gonave, we want to hear from you!!

Below is a list of possible trip ideas that would be beneficial to Mme. Soliette, the children and the staff at the orphanage.

WORK PROJECTS:  All work teams will  need to have additional funds in order to complete these projects. If you are interested in any of these projects, we can get the pricing information to you.

- Repair/Replace bathroom fixtures - the faucets, toilet flappers and valves and toilet seats are all in need of repair. The well water that is used in the bathrooms is a bit brackish and the salt has eaten away at the current plumming fixtures.

- Make and install cabinet doors under countertops and make and install cabinets above countertops in Pods 1 & 2.

- Install screens and a door on all Pod porches.

- Purchase and install tile on the floors in the Multi-Purpose building and Pods. This is a big, costly project, but could be broken up between multiple groups.

- Fire extinguishers purchased and installed in Multi-Purpose building, pods, guard hut and depot. (up to 18)

- Security Lights to be purchased and installed around the exteriors of CV buildings and outer wall/entrance.  Motion sensitive.  

- General Maintenance and painting projects around the CV.


- English Classes with the children

- Camp/VBS - we are limited with the number of these groups that we can accomodate each year and these spots fill up quickly. Mme. Soliette wishes to only utilize these teams when the children are out of school. (Some exceptions may be made at Mme. Soliette's discression). Your team could choose to work with only the secondary school students or only the primary school students, or you could plan a week for all of the children. Be creative! Think of fun things that you might do at a summer camp in the States and bring those ideas here!

- Craft/Trade activities - Do you know how to sew, make rugs, jewelry, do woodwork, are you a mechanic, electrician, plumber, etc? We would love for you to come and teach your trade to the older children and possibly some of the staff at the orphanage!

- Music - Instrumental and Vocal - no formal lessons have been given, but the children would love to learn to play the piano, trumpet, drums, guitar, etc. This is a difficult "project" as these skills develop over long periods of time, training, and practice… but would be very favorably received.

- Swim classes - A lot of Haitians, including those at the CV, are afraid of water and do not know how to swim. We would love for someone to teach the children (and staff) to swim as it would be a great skill for these children to have.

- Staff Training - This would be a very specific project… developed in conjunction with Beth Peterson and her team of the Worker Care Okipe Task Force. Ideas could include child development, CPR & basic first aid training, Pod/family management, etc. 

- Teacher Training - This would be a very specific project… developed in conjunction with Ann Sneed and her team of the Education Okipe Task Force. We would like to hold 1-2 teacher training workshops each year. Currently, we have preschool - 6th grade classes at the Children's Village. The secondary school students attend school in Anse a Galets off site.

- Cultural Experience/Field Trip - Raise money to take the secondary students to visit historical places in Haiti. For example: Citadelle, Presidential Palace, National Museum of Haiti, Historical Sugar Cane Park, and other places around Haiti for them to experience the beauty and history of their country.

These are just some ideas of the many things that would benefit the children and staff at the orphanage. If you have any questions or other ideas, please feel free to email us at We are looking forward to working with many of you this year and next as we help these children to thrive! We would love to talk with you more if you are interested in leading or joining a team.